Hi, I’m Gulara, a writer and energy healer.

My passion in life is to give voice to under-represented communities. It’s a mission I’ve been pursuing through my academic career (I’m a law lecturer at the University of Birmingham and specialise in the rights of marginalised groups), in my healing practice (I am a certified Compassion Key and Non-Personal Awareness practitioner) and through creative writing. 

Hammer, Sickle and Broom: A Girlhood in Azerbaijan is the story of a young girl and her struggles to free herself from a traditionally conservative family. It is set against the turbulent backdrop of the collapse of the Soviet Union and Azerbaijan’s transition to independence, which mirrors her own path to education and eventual freedom.

If you’re interested in compelling stories set in relatively unknown parts of the world, then Hammer, Sickle and Broom is for you. Those who enjoy reading modern historical fiction, as well as about complex family dynamics, will find this book of interest too. 

The setting for my memoir has rarely (if ever) been explored in literature, and one of my ambitions is to give a voice to women in Azerbaijan who might never be heard otherwise. Whilst the setting and time are specific, the themes are universal.

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